Haitians Organization to Build Hospitals in Haiti (HOBHH)


We the Haitian people in Boston are fighting for a cause, which will benefit everybody who decides to live in or go on vacation in Haiti. Imagine that you are in Haiti and fall sick. You are desperately searching for a treatment and need to go to the hospital, however you cannot find one.  That is why we, the Committee of Haitian Organization to Build Hospitals in Haiti (HOBHH), decide to address this matter and allow all the possibility of adequate healthcare.   By building quality facilities, we can avoid cases such as this one.  While this a serious undertaking, we are committed to this noble and compassionate cause. We aim to build and maintain top-tier hospitals with a coordination team to facilitate all activities of the hospitals, including the hiring of staff members.  A fully equipped hospital with qualified nurses, physicians, surgeons; a hospital with an emergency department, hospitality team, and safety department.

Our vision is based on 6 values, which can bring about equilibrium in life:  INTEGRITY, DIGNITY, HONESTY, RESPECT, TRANSPARENCY, and UNITY.  Our hope is that all those who interact with the organization will agree on the importance of these values and contribute to HOBHH’s cause to make a difference in the healthcare system in Haiti.

Volunteer:  Any one who shared our visions, passions, and dreams are welcome to be a  part of HOBHH  by sharing ideas and volunteering donations to help us achieve our goals for a sustainable Haiti,  Hence, HOBHH is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization with sole statement of improving the Healthcare System in Haiti.

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