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    Creating a better healthcare system.


    Better healthcare & surgical equipment.


    We work in partership with national and international health institution


    Haiti's healthcare system has been in crisis

    since the 2010 earthquake. Lack of equipment

    and in-proper clinical environment are the main

    cause of Haiti's diseases and infections.

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    My name is Robert Julien. I was born in Saint-Marc, Haiti, where I had the opportunity to finish off my years in primary education at a Catholic school whose Brother Hervé was the principal.  I also had a chance to go to Lycée Sténio Vincent and Centre d’Etudes Secondaire to complete High School. I really enjoyed school the whole way through to high school graduation. Since I had a zest for teaching and finance, I climbed the higher education level to obtain my degree in Teaching and Accounting in Haiti.  I landed a position as a math teacher at Centre d’Etudes Secondaires where I worked until 1981 when I decided to leave Haiti and live with my wife in Boston.

    Upon moving to Boston, I chose to pursue my education at Roxbury Community College to earn an Associate Degree in Business Administration.  Over the years, I managed to move up the ladder at Brigham and Women’s Hospital to become a certified Pharmacy Technician II.   According to my years of experience working at BWH, I was dreaming of having this kind of hospital in my country. For some period of time, the dream remained dormant.

    But following the earthquake that had devastated Haiti in January 2010, the idea of hospital came again in my vision. Therefore, I decided to meet with some friends and coworkers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital to create an organization with the vision to build hospitals in Haiti.  We reached the consensus to name it: Haitian’s Organization To Build Hospitals in Haiti (HOBHH)

    We hope that with the support of all Haitians and Haitian-Americans, we can work together to make this dream a reality. We embark in a journey to challenge all brothers, sisters, and friends of Haiti living around the world to participate in this project.  We really mean business. Nothing is impossible if you join us to make this dream come true. We have decided to use all our energy to make this possible.  We rest assured that you will do your best to help us scaffold this vision in sending your contribution of $10.00 on a weekly basis, which will help us transform health care in HAITI.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

    Robert Julien